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Augmented reality is an effective tool for promoting business online

What roles can and should XR technologies play in our interactions with each other and the physical world? What devices or modalities best support these? PLACE is investigating these questions through prototyping augmented/virtual reality apps & experiences.

WebAR: the advantages and subtleties of creating AR in the browser

The popularity of immersive installations and the thirst for experiences has culminated in the visually stimulating, but monotonous experience of the selfie museum. PLACE is exploring ways that XR can create meaningful experiences in immersive spaces.

Creation of 3D models

XR is being rapidly adopted across many sectors and will play an incresingly relavent role in our lives. PLACE is developing curricula for programs in art, architecture and design that teaches students to develop alternative applications for XR.

AR – revolutionary technologies in the marketing industry

Who benefits most from XR technology? How can it become more accessible? PLACE is researching how diverse perspectives can be shared and unexpected community interactions can be facilitated through XR platforms.

Great work! The entire process was seamless.

Jamal Drian, 09.21.2021

Super fair prices and exceptional work!

Lina Brown, 12.14.2020

Additional reality – as a tool to start a revolution of business opportunities

Changing the approach to attracting customers creates new opportunities for the development of various areas of business. Experts in Placexr works with additional reality, which directly solves real customer problems. The use of AR technologies is the most important step for transforming a company in the digital field.

To answer the question of modernizing production with the help of AR implementation, Placexr experts get acquainted in all details with the specifics of the client’s business, concentrating on the specific moments of his field of activity. An AR tool can certainly have a powerful impact on certain areas of business. However, for the most effective use of augmented reality, it is worth first determining the goal – how exactly AR technology should have a benefit for your business.

Placexr: Finding the best solutions with augmented reality tools

Placexr experts aim to find the best approach for each type of business, applying all the necessary AR tools. Our team will be happy to help you find a solution to merge the physical and digital world.

We offer the following services:

  • UX-design of augmented reality. During the creation of various AR applications, we pay special attention to the UX. You can maximize user engagement with a design that doesn’t depend on context. These are the principles we follow when creating a product. AR technology is an area where you constantly need to keep your finger on the pulse of the times. Our team is constantly improving in this area to achieve maximum efficiency. The enrichment of knowledge and experience and regular tests of the latest tools guarantee success in the task set by the client.
  • Development of AR applications. We develop AR applications at different stages: design, service, and support of a business project. Our team ensures the creation of an entertainment product, educational applications, the implementation of improved service levels, and various advertising solutions aimed at attracting customers.

The application’s other necessary functions are complemented by special tools for processing GPS data, various AR SDKs, and audio and video broadcasting services.

Any business area needs augmented reality

AR technologies will provide many benefits for your business. Not sure about this? Placexr’s team of experts will dispel your doubts. Making your ad more convincing is easy. It does this by using special AR visualization that uses 3D effects.

The best solution To form the most effective teaching strategy is to use virtual classrooms, 3D lectures, interactive learning using colorful animation, and various game techniques.

It is now impossible to imagine the gaming industry without the introduction of special elements of AR technologies. It, as a separate area of ​​business, essentially needs the introduction of elements of augmented reality.

Likewise, it is worth remembering the retail trade as well. Online versions of product and service catalogs and mobile applications are perfect for helping the client. Thus, it is easier for the client to understand the assortment, quickly obtain the necessary information, and decide. 

Where else can augment reality technologies be used? 

Placexr professionals will gladly answer all your questions.

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