PLACE is an interdisciplinary research group exploring the socio-spatial implications of XR through art, design & education.

Our work focuses on four core domains:


XR Research &

What roles can and should XR technologies play in our interactions with each other and the physical world? What devices or modalites best support these? PLACE is investigating these questions through prototyping augmented/virtual reality apps & experiences.



The popularity of immersive installations and the thirst for experiences has culminated in the visually stimulating, but monotonous experience of the selfie museum. PLACE is exploring ways that XR can create meaningful experiences in immersive spaces.


Design & Technical

XR is being rapidly adopted across many sectors and will play an incresingly relavent role in our lives. PLACE is developing curricula for programs in art, architecture and design that teaches students to develop alternative applications for XR.


Placemaking in
Extended Realities

Who benefits most from XR technology? How can it become more accessible? PLACE is researching how diverse perspectives can be shared and unexpected community interactions can be facilitated through XR platforms.

We have worked with __


Phase Change

Physical installation, Projection Mapping + Handheld AR

Phase Change is a 1:1 visualization of a disappearing iceberg. Icebergs have been recorded melting at rates between 0.3 and 1.2 meters per day from their sides and bottoms. This virtual iceberg, represented in augmented reality, began melting in real time at the opening of the exhibit for SF Design Week @ Gray Area, and reduced by 75% over the course of the exhibit.

Place XR

iOS / Android App

Imagine your city as a digital canvas. PlaceXR is an interactive, multiplayer, cross-platform application that lets anyone insert geolocated digital content into the physical world in VR and view it through location based mobile AR. PlaceXR is an investigation into how content driven AR platforms are utilized by users.

Climate Stories -- a collaboration with Shiftworks

Physical installation + Web XR

Climate Stories combines a physical installation with AR and VR to create a multi-sensory exploration of what the world could be like in the year 2015 years. This speculative climate future is currently being developed in mulitple phases.

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Magic Carpet

Kinetic, large-scale physical installation + AR

Magic Carpet was developed for Google as a proposal for the anchor artwork for their new campus. The 50' sculpture consists of an interactive canopy where each pixel connects participants to their physical environment and to one another through play, wind-driven motion and augmented realities developed through community collaboration.

Transience >> Permanence - Preserving Temporary Spaces with XR

Physical installation + WebVR

PLACE is investigating how XR technologies can be used to provide rich experiences of temporary physical places. ‘A Forest in the Desert’ was the initial open-source, A-frame prototype we developed to explore this idea. The prototype allows a user to experience the development of the 2017 Burning Man Temple as it was designed and then constructed in the desert

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