Augmented reality is an effective tool for promoting business online


Today, in technological progress, such channels of business promotion as radio, television, and the press are increasingly fading into the background, being replaced by more efficient and effective ones. The most popular of these is the Internet. And this is quite natural. After all, a close “acquaintance” with the possibilities of online promotion allows businessmen to expand the target audience in their direction quickly and, accordingly, to find a new source of potential profit.

Of course, in our time, there are many ways, methods, and tools for promoting commercial activities on the Internet, but one of the most modern and productive is augmented reality. By imposing virtual objects and information on the surrounding reality’s unimaginable space, AR technologies significantly reduce the gap between reality and the virtual world. In other words, the decision to use augmented reality in business processes will open up many opportunities for both businessmen and customers. For the first, it will make it possible to turn the act of perception into an interactive process, that is:

  • to conduct a visual (easily perceived) presentation of products anywhere;
  • increase the level of consumer interaction with the company’s product;
  • to form a positive image of the enterprise.

The second will be able to:

  • “test” the product before purchasing;
  • explore the object of interest from all sides.

How does it work? It’s simple. Customers get access to viewing products in AR mode through the website or a mobile application installed on a smartphone.

Augmented reality: areas of its application

Today, augmented reality technology is successfully used in the following areas of commercial activity:

  • HoReCa industry (restaurant and hotel business): in the hospitality industry, AR technologies allow visualizing dishes and rooms;
  • furniture business: visualization of various pieces of furniture in a particular living space;
  • printing business: “revitalization” of book characters;
  • construction, architectural, and design segment: visualization of any architectural objects, as well as interiors of premises;
  • business activity related to the sale of certain products (shoes, hats, watches, glasses, jewelry): the ability to try on any product in AR;
  • the sphere of sale of interior items and household appliances: “fitting” of any furnishings to the interior decoration of premises;
  • advertising and marketing: presenting your products in AR;
  • Education: teaching school subjects using example visualization in AR.

However, this is not a complete list of business areas where AR technologies can do well. After all, they allow you to visualize the products presented on your site. And this will certainly involve consumers in the interaction process, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the brand and increasing the level of sales.

Have you decided to try on augmented reality for your own business? In the arsenal of the studio Placexr, there are many ideas for developing and promoting any type of commercial activity.

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