WebAR: the advantages and subtleties of creating AR in the browser

Until recently, In a world that used only an AR application to view different content in augmented reality. However, because downloading and launching it took some time and took up a lot of Internet traffic and memory from users’ smartphones, most of them had to abandon these manipulations. Therefore, to deprive them of all the benefits of augmented reality, the developers proposed to create AR in the Web AR browser.

WebAR technology currently includes the ability to detect a marker for accurate positioning of objects, simple animation, video, and a certain degree of interactivity. Allows smartphone users to view uncomplicated video content without downloading any applications and transfer all kinds of 3D models from virtual to reality.

Creating augmented reality in a browser: stages of launching Web AR and technical requirements

Creating augmented reality in a browser involves some manipulation. In particular, such:
go to the site and select an object for viewing;

  • permission to use the camera for this Internet resource. You need this to switch to AR mode;
  • making slow circular movements with the gadget or aiming it at the “marker” (if we are talking about marker technology) for the correct positioning of the 3D model;
  • interacting with a 3D model. This procedure involves rotating, moving, or resizing it.

However, it is important to meet some technical requirements when deciding to build Web AR in a browser. So:

  • first, check if the smartphone has sensors for switching to AR mode. In this case, we mean an accelerometer, gyroscope, and RGB camera;
  • Secondly, to correctly establish the correspondence of all components. An example is shown in the table below:
OS Android iOS
development platform ARCore ARKit
format glb (gltf) usdz
Browser Chrome Safari

Course, WebAR creating technology in your browser, several plays an augmented reality application. (The latter offers support for more features and capabilities.) However, WebAR completely removes the complexities associated with installing an AR application, thus allowing you to take advantage of some augmented reality capabilities. If the user nevertheless desires to evaluate all the advantages of this effective tool, it will be enough for him to find the “View in AR” button in WebAR. With one click in the browser, the object of interest will appear in the real surrounding reality.

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