AR – revolutionary technologies in the marketing industry

It is no longer enough for brands to use standard billboards and screens as outdoor advertising to arouse interest among modern Ukrainian consumers. The competition is too high, so marketing strategies have to be revised and refined.

AR – adding digital objects to reality – makes any billboard interactive, effective and memorable. At the same time, AR technologies are relevant for all advertisers who set themselves to increase brand awareness through creative and informative modern advertising. Augmented reality technology has the same WOW effect that can hold the gaze on an advertisement.

Augmented reality is an up-to-date format that is many times superior in efficiency to traditional formats. For example, marker technology transforms signs, showcases, and billboards into interactive surfaces for product presentation and engages the user in interacting with it.

The possibilities created by AR are nearly limitless, just like human fantasy. A creative approach using augmented reality allows consumers to:

  • choose a car, viewing it from all sides, inside and out, down to the smallest detail;
  • arrange furniture in the room to evaluate how certain products look in the interior;
  • trying on clothes, shoes, accessories, or jewelry;
  • read books with visualization of plot scenes;
  • study the menu in restaurants, evaluating the appearance of different dishes;
  • use augmented reality guidebooks in museums or shopping malls;
  • run games;
  • create labels or product packaging with information in the form of video, games or animation, etc.

Marketers are puzzled over how to attract more visitors to stores and drive sales. Augmented reality is the ability to plan a creative advertising campaign and improve marketing tactics. Customers are very passionate about new technologies, especially ones that can entertain them. Afford large-scale advertising campaigns. Not every company can work with AR technologies (for example, installing a giant LED screen on the city’s main square), but there are many other ways to use AR. For example, many stores today practice using AR-enabled mirrors. A potential buyer gets the opportunity to try on things easily and comfortably without undressing. This method is rapidly becoming more and more popular due to its effectiveness.

Augmented reality technologies – will soon be used everywhere because it is a powerful marketing tool that provides the user with vivid emotions and an unforgettable experience. It’s an excellent way to make a brand memorable, raise its image and increase consumer loyalty.

What advantages are guaranteed by the use of AR technologies in advertising

Modern buyers actively use mobile applications, preferring them over online stores. However, according to statistics, about 30% of purchases are returned precisely because of the difference between expectations (images on the network) and reality. Virtual fittings solve this problem, allowing you to evaluate in detail all the visual characteristics of a product – shape, color, size, etc. The decision to purchase as a result is taken with a balanced and confident attitude. It’s of particular importance in the case of expensive goods.

These are just a few of the benefits of using AR in advertising. With their help, you have access to:

  • creation of personalized trade offers;
  • informing and entertaining the consumer audience;
  • creating a good, impressive WOW effect;
  • an increase in the number of sales and a significant decrease in the percentage of returns;
  • a noticeable increase in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns;
  • increasing user interest in goods and services;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increased traffic to the site, etc.

Original AR advertising in a browser or an AR application will allow businesses to appreciate the benefits of using augmented reality, make brands closer to customers, and be more loyal to the company.

Think and decide how you can simplify your customers’ lives and improve their user experience. By studying the preferences and priorities of your target audience, you can make them happy and satisfied with their purchases. It’s the first huge step towards effective marketing using AR technologies to achieve your business goals.